jennifer lowinger

I continue to investigate the association between the emotional and the ethereal in my work. The choice to focus on relationships between shape and color, create an intangible outside world that evokes feeling and harmony through simplicity in form. These paintings serve as maps; transcending reality and depicting instead the emotional journey within.

Through my work, I portray reality as passionately and effectively as I can. I do this through my artistic process, which functions much the way it did when I was young: intuitive and uninhibited. It is essential that I have the choice and freedom to change at any moment. This creative process lends its to the aesthetic, in that I do not copy reality for its own sake, rather I depict it as I feel it to be. My goal is to find visual harmony in the simplicity of relationships on the surface of the canvas. I achieve this in my paintings through surface textures, color, composition, and paint dynamics; as well as the energy that I generate into each painting.